Monday, May 03, 2010

Craig, Julie and Emma Visit

Today we had some old friends stop over for an evening. Julie, who Lynne lived with for a short period of time when she lived in Madison, Wisconsin (1996), Craig and their daughter Emma were on their way back from Cincinnati. Craig ran the Flying Pig Marathon there on Sunday, in the rain and still managed a personal record. Well done again.

It was great to see them again, we had not seen them in quite some time and not since they had Emma, she is 18 months. We took it easy, chatted, had some beer, ate a nice dinner and our girls loved playing with Emma. They became all motherly to her which was quite odd to see, we had never seen them do that before. They played dress up (of course), helped by the dress up shoes that they brought as a present. Thanks again.

Julie, is an avid reader of our blog, so it’s nice to be able to write something that I know will get read in a few days. It was great to see you all again, hope it’s not as long till next time!!


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Bruno and Sheri said...

So great to see Madison friends together!