Saturday, May 01, 2010

Anja's 5th Birthday

The candles are all blown out, the cake is all gone, the kids are gone home, ours are in bed, we’re tired and it has been a long but exciting day. Today we had about 15 children plus numerous adults over to celebrate Anja’s 5th birthday. There was a variety of children from our social network and Anja’s class; it was nice to meet some new people today.

Once again we have many to thanks. To everybody, many thanks for coming and for the presents, we hope you had fun. Lorraine and Randy as usual who entertained the girls this morning, helped behind the scenes and with clean up, to Brooke who also helped enormously and who baked the cake and cupcakes.

As usual, I took way to many pictures to show here so I’ve uploaded them to our web album space. I hope you can see them. If there is a specific photo you would like in high definition, email me the photo number and I’ll send it to you.

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