Friday, July 22, 2011

It's Way Too Hot...

Not much going on here this week, we are all simply trying to stay cool and hoping that our air conditioning unit holds out. Most of the USA is under a heat wave and we have had scorching temperatures with high humidity’s. Yesterday it reached over 100F which feels like 114F when the humidity is factored in, that's over 45 degrees centigrade.

Friday mornings is my usual "Long Run Day" and it was tough this morning. I had planned on doing 17 miles via three separate loops around the house (to restock on fuel and water as I passed through) and managed to get on the road by 06.15am. First loop was fine, the second was mostly okay but my body would not allow me out on the third. Whilst I had stayed well hydrated by using my Camelbak, I felt simply awful as a result of the heat. I stopped after the second loop, which was after about 13 miles. It was 88F (feels like 95F with humidity) when I threw in the towel....:)) I think I did well enough.

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