Sunday, July 17, 2011

Michigan Vacation

We returned yesterday from our weeklong vacation to Saugatuck in Michigan. You may recall that we also visited this small art focused fishing village on Michigan’s coast where the Kalamazoo River enters Lake Michigan itself. It’s a lovely little town situated on several large sand dunes with many small art shops, cafes with lots of vacation activities to entertain all who visit. We liked it then and still do.

We had a wonderfully relaxing holiday, I think everybody enjoyed it. Randy and Lorraine also joined us again this year. We did many things, a little something for everybody really. We went riding our bikes, short and long rides, Lynne took the girls fishing, we all did lots of swimming, went to Oval Beach to swim and build sandcastles, we bought kites and played with those, we had picnics, some of us did a little shopping, Randy and I played lots of chess, the girls had movies for some down time, everybody napped and did some vacation reading at some point and we all had lots of great food (and drink) and more…..

There are lots of pictures of Anja on her bike, she went without training wheels for the first time ever this week. Lynne and I even went on a 3 mile bike ride with her, she was very proud of herself.

As usual, I had way too many photos, many are shown below but I have put selected the best 100 or so and uploaded them to the web which can be viewed here

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