Friday, October 07, 2011

Marathon Prologue

I’ve just completed my final training run for the Chicago Marathon, my first ever marathon, which will take place this coming Sunday morning. It starts at 7:30am. I cannot believe it has been 9 months since I first announced that I would try training for this event.

For the most part training has gone according to plan; I managed a personal best in the Indy half marathon (1:39:15) in order to secure a seeded starting position in Chicago (Corral C, Bib #7958). A seeded start will allow me to line up in the first 5000 runners, (closer to the Kenyans in case I’m feeling good on the day) and have most of the remaining 40,000 participants behind me.

Generally speaking I followed my training plan; I’ve run over 1000 miles so far this year and on my third set of running shoes. Check out the picture below, it’s a snapshot from my training log showing weekly miles since January. I’ve dropped a well-needed 25 lbs and feel great. I’m really in the best condition I’ve ever been in and that includes when I was training 3-4 times a week when playing rugby (somehow I’m not partaking in the very festive “off-field activities” that I was back then.

I have many people to thank, John who helped with the training and offered advice along the way. Steve, Neil, David and Brad who have ran on a few training runs with me. Of course I’m extremely thankful to Lynne and the kids who have suffered my absence on many occasions. Long runs require early starts (6am and earlier) and time on the road. I must also prospectively thank Kay who is graciously hosting us (Brad and I) on Saturday night. I think we have the best seat in town. Her apartment is literally 0.2 miles from the start…how about that!!!

So, as you read your paper over breakfast this coming Sunday, wish me luck as I slog my way through 26.2 miles of Chicago’s downtown. I’m hoping to finish at a time close to 3 hrs 30min (8 min/mile pace) but since it’s my first marathon, a finish is the ultimate goal. I’ll post a race update on Monday, wish me luck!

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Jo Minion said...

Hey Paul, sounds like your training has gone really well. Best of luck for Sunday morning. Remember not to set off too quickly and ENJOY! I look forward to hearing about it on Monday