Friday, March 02, 2012

Anniversary and Cat in the Hat

Let the weekend begin. Lynne and myself are travelling to Indy in a short while to have dinner and go to the theatre in celebration of our our 14th wedding anniversary. We have tickets to see God of Carnage at the IRT  which should be fun.

Shown below is a picture of Anja dressed as Cat in the Hat. She was having a Dr. Suess day at school today and of course this famous cat is probably his most famous character. Isabel was also dressing up today, as a nurse I think. Granny Owens sent over some dress up clothes together with stuff for St. Patricks Day (thanks again Mum). 

Finally, we had some very nasty weather here today; see the pretty large hailstones that we had at lunchtime. Have a great weekend everybody.

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