Saturday, March 03, 2012

Personal Best at 10Km

I participated in a 10Km road race this morning, my first at this distance in over 5 years. It was actually a training series run organized as an opportunity for seeding for the Indy mini Marathon in May.

I finished in 44:00 minutes flat, I was hoping for a little better (isn't it always the way:)) but I can't really be upset with a 7:05 min/mile pace. The weather was perfect, the organization incredible but my pacing for the first mile was terrible (6:35). I knew immediately I was going to pay a price later. My next two miles were steady (7:05, 7:08) but my fourth was starting to hurt (7:19). I sensed the finish in my fifth mile (7:15) and luckily I had a little left for the last mile (6:59) before I clung on for the last 0.2 miles to the end. I enjoyed it, never a bad day when you shave well over four minutes off your personal best. 

We had an excellent night at the theatre last night. Once again many thanks to Randy and Lorraine for watching the kids.

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