Sunday, May 20, 2012

MBA....Going Back to University

I cannot believe I’m writing this but it’s true, I’m going back to University to work on a third degree, at least this time it’s not science but business. Since January I have been working on an application to the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Specifically to their Executive MBA Program and this week I heard that I was successful. 

I'm pretty pleased about getting in and was not fully sure I would. They have 270 places each year (90 in Chicago, 90 in London and 90 in Singapore) and they only admit about 20% of the applicant pool. It’s rated the #1 Executive MBA in the USA and #5 worldwide so I'm also a little nervous about mingling with a bunch of high fliers. It's also going to be tough from a logistics perspective; will be maintaining my full-time job, fully active household and class will be all day Friday and Saturday in Chicago every other week for 21 months. I start in about a month.

The fun stuff is now over; all I have to do now is the hard part. I’m also starting my thanks in this initial post on this subject. Many many people will help me over the coming months and for your help I’m very very grateful to each and every one of you. The picture below is of the Gleacher Center where I'll take all my classes, it's at the heart of downtown Chicago, just off Michigan Ave, you can see The Tribune Building just to the right.

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