Thursday, January 24, 2013

Isabel Getting Better

First many thanks for all you well wishes over the last few days. Isabel is doing well, the swelling around her eye is decreasing and the medical staff are obviously less concerned with her situation. I have finally got my tongue around what she had, Orbital Cellulitis. We’ll get the culture results this afternoon and until then she will continue on the IV Vancomycin since they have not yet ruled out that it may be MRSA. Let me tell you, 5 yr olds do not like being tied to a bed via an IV line. They are likely to discharge her tomorrow. Lynne continues to be with her and I continue to taxi back and forth from home relieving Lynne from time to time.

In case that was not enough, I was up with Anja last night who was continuously vomiting until 5:30am. She seems to have caught the rather nasty Norovirus that has been circulating here locally. We’ll spend a good portion of today doing laundry. 

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