Monday, March 24, 2014

Daisy: - You were such a great dog

Daisy was such a special dog in so many ways. In almost nine years of blogging, trying to write a few words to honor her memory is literally the hardest post I‘ve ever written. There is no formula for mourning one’s pet, so we do so like they were a loved one.

Daisy was such a loyal friend, a great dog for children and all who came to our house.

I have tried tagging Daisy in my pictures, a fraction are shown below. As you can see, she was with us through so many of our key moments from the last decade. This included being the star of this blog with her cute pink glasses. I’ll leave that up for a week or two before removing it.

Daisy: - You were such a great dog; we will all miss you dearly.

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Lindsay said...

I'm crying again, now. I'm so sorry, guys. If my heart hurts this bad, I can't imagine the sadness you all are feeling. Thank you for sharing Daisy with all of us. It was a pleasure to know her.