Saturday, December 27, 2014


We have really spent the last two days relaxing at home. We all needed a few days without any major goals. We have had music going (seems like in every room), the open fire, playing with lots of new Christmas games, eating lots of leftovers (and cake) and a little of getting on each others nerves.

Today we ventured a little further. Connor and I went on a bike ride, a full five miles which I thought was impressive for his age (5) and given the cold December wind that was blowing. We then took a little trip to Vons, our local bead, jewel, books and much more store (otherwise known as Isabel heaven). Lynne has been much more productive, she hit the girls room with a vengeance this afternoon, clearing it from top to bottom of the clutter that has built up over time. It looked really nice again when she was finished.

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